A Video Message From The Owner


Mark Gill here: Founder of Swing Strong and self-professed golf addict. Our mission is simple. To make amazing functional drinks that help you play and feel your best on the course, so you can Swing Strong through 18 holes. What does it mean to Swing Strong? Swinging Strong is about hitting every shot the best you possibly can. To do that, we believe in being well hydrated, having your muscles firing on all cylinders, and having adequate energy and focus.

Here's the thing: Golf is hard. Like, really hard. The reality is we're not always going to feel 100% when out on the course. Dehydration happens, fatigue happens, loss of focus happens. I often found myself hitting a wall mid-round and not playing to my full potential...Considering a recent study has shown that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, that is very the likely culprit for feeling less than ideal...I was always scrambling for bulky sports or energy drinks before or during my rounds when I needed a little boost of hydration and energy. But that was inconvenient and expensive.

So I thought, hey, it’d be nice to have something that I could pack in my bag and have ready to mix with water when I'm on the course. We pack tees, balls, gloves, clothes, and all that…why not have convenient fuel ready to go? I discovered hydration stick packs, but most were loaded with sugar, and all were lacking the ingredients needed to support the demands and needs of golfers. I wanted something that could provide hydration, but also help support strength, endurance, energy, and focus.

I decided to fix the problem, and change the way golfers fuel their rounds. That’s when the idea for Swing Strong was born. I started working with a team of nutrition experts, and a top-rated NSF GMP Registered manufacturer to bring our flagship product, Swing Strong HYDRATE+, to life.

I’m so stoked to launch this brand and help golfers all around the world play and feel their absolute best on the course.

So drink up, Swing Strong, and go low. Better Hydration for a Better Game.

Mark Gill
Founder - Swing Strong