The Importance of Hydration in Golf

The Importance of Hydration in Golf

What separates the best golfers from others is that they stay hydrated throughout the course of a game or practice session. Some may think this call for staying hydrated is a little overhyped, but you simply can't dispute that being dehydrated has negative effects on the body...

How Dehydration Effects Your Body

Golf can leave you feeling fatigued, especially towards the end of the round. The body and brain's ability to function decreases significantly when a person is fatigued.

Dehydration can lead do:

  • Lowering the body and the brain’s ability to function during a round of golf
  • Lowers the ability to maintain the strength required to hit the ball
  • Decreases the ability to maintain focus throughout the round
  • General physical impairment including Fatigue, Dizziness, and Confusion

How To Prevent Dehydration

The idea is to continually replenish fluids when you sweat from playing or practicing. A lot of golfers turn to sports or energy drinks; however, be aware of the sugar content (low sugar option is Swing Strong Hydrate+). Sports drinks like Swing Strong can also replenish electrolytes (particularly sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium). But what about if you're looking for a boost of energy? An option that's more fulfilling than just water is carrying snacks with you--things like fruit, trail mix, granola bars, or even a chicken or peanut butter sandwich.

Golf and beer go hand-in-hand, but overconsumption of alcohol can lead to dehydration. If you like to drink while playing, then by all means do so, but remember to carry with you something like Swing Strong Hydrate+ in order to keep yourself hydrated too. Drinking this in between beers will help keep you from getting dehydrated.

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