A Video Message From The Owner


Welcome to SWING STRONG! I'm Mark Gill, self-professed golf addict and the proud owner of SWING STRONG. We're thrilled to have you here.


We exist to help golfers like you play and feel your absolute best so you can SWING STRONG through 18 holes.

What does it mean to SWING STRONG? You don’t need big muscles to SWING STRONG (that’s cool if you got them though). SWING STRONG is all about hitting every shot the best you possibly can. To do that, we believe in the importance of being well hydrated, having your muscles firing on all cylinders, and having adequate energy and focus.


Okay, story time. I had been playing golf for years, but during the summer of 2020 I was playing more golf than ever before. I often played the first nine holes great, would hit the ball well, and felt good overall. But then something would happen on the back nine and I just couldn’t make anything happen. I would start to miss more fairways and greens and lose energy and focus.

These mid-round slumps often led me to rely on sports drinks and energy drinks so that I could play well through 18 holes. But these were bulky to carry, way too expensive, loaded with sugar and other junk, and not made specifically for golfers.

So I started to think, hey, it’d be nice to have something that I could pack in my bag and have ready to mix with water any time I need a little boost. Something that could support hydration like traditional sports drinks, but also help support strength, endurance, energy, and focus like traditional energy drinks and pre-workouts. But without all the junk ingredients and golfer-focused.

We pack tees, balls, gloves, clothes, and all that – why not have convenient golf-focused fuel ready to go at all times?!

I decided to fix the problem, and change the way golfers fuel their rounds. I started working with a team of nutrition experts, and a top-rated nutrition manufacturer to bring our flagship product, SWING STRONG HYDRATE+, to life.

We added the perfect blend of science-backed ingredients. Electrolytes for hydration and proper muscle function, 75mg of natural caffeine for smooth energy, focus, and mental clarity, Amino Acids for strength and endurance, and B Vitamins for energy metabolism.

We’re really excited to launch this product and help golfers all around the world play and feel their absolute best on the course.

So drink up, SWING STRONG, and go low. Better Hydration for a Better Game.

Mark Gill